4 Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation Chiropractic Care


Electric Muscle Stimulation Improves Muscle Health

Electric muscle stimulation is a method of chiropractic care in which electric currents are sent through muscles in order to make them contract. This has a number of health benefits especially during the injury rehabilitation process. It is an effective therapeutic method as contracting the muscles helps relieve pain in the back or legs, reduce swelling, and promote general muscle toning. Perhaps the greatest benefit, is the ability of electric muscle stimulation to speed up the recovery process.

Some of the benefits of electric muscle stimulation are outlined below:

Promotes Recovery

By encouraging blood flow to the injured area, electric muscle stimulation can quicken  the healing process. After an injury that prevents the movement of a body part, electric muscle stimulation can contract muscles for you, hastening recovery. This allows the weaker muscles to build basic muscle tone and strength necessary for further physical therapy.

It also strengthens the associative link between your brain and muscle movement. This allows for patients to more quickly move to more difficult exercises and allow them to return to their original strength faster.

Prevents Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy is the decrease of muscle mass that can occur after injury or as a result of any number of medical conditions, like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Electrical muscle stimulation can slow muscle atrophy by stimulating and contracting weakened muscles through low levels of electrical currents originating from the device. This keeps the muscles active, even when the person can’t activate them on their own.

Encourages Relaxation

Electric muscle stimulation can be very relaxing and have the same benefits of massage therapy. Massage therapy is known to release tension in the muscles as well as encourage blood flow. By contracting the muscles, electric muscle stimulation can achieve the same effects. It encourages the production of endorphins and improves mood, just like massage therapy. The contracted muscles also encourage blood flow which relieves sore and aching muscles.

For these reasons, electric muscle therapy can also aid in stress relief. Like a deep tissue massage, by relaxing the muscle and encouraging blood flow electric muscle stimulation has the capacity to lower stress hormones.

Helps Athletes

Many athletes use electrical muscle stimulation after undergoing vigorous physical activity. Using electrical muscle stimulation after workouts helps reduce swelling which leaves muscles feeling more energized. This minimizes the soreness felt by the athlete that can affect performance.

It also helps prevent injuries. Athletes who use electrical muscle stimulation in between activities feel less muscle stiffness. The low levels of electric currents keep muscles warm even when they aren’t being used in physical activity.

Discover the Effectiveness of Electric Muscle Stimulation Chiropractic Care in Dallas

Electric muscle stimulation has benefits that range from healing injuries to promoting relaxation and relieving stress. These are total body advantages that positively impact the entire body. By using electric currents to contract muscles, electric muscle therapy is a beneficial form of chiropractic care.

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