5 Ways to Prevent Back Pain During Summer Yard Work

Gardening and yard work is a classic Texas summer pastime. However, it is important to be concerned about your landscaping as well as maintaining a healthy spine. Chiropractors see a lot of patients simply because someone didn’t practice back safety while working on the yard.

Common causes of lower back pain in many people is simply approaching a task the wrong way. Here are five gardening tips that you can use this summer to ease your spinal nerves.

Mowing Wrong Flares Up Back Pain

While the average lawn mower is generally not heavy, it is one of the leading risk factors of back injury during yard work. Many people tend to lean forward and push with their backs, resulting in a stressed lumbar and pain. We suggest mowing with good posture and using your arm and leg strength to push your lawn mower. Another idea for avoiding mowing pains is investing in a riding mower if you have a larger lawn.

Lift Materials Properly

Bags of mulch or other gardening resources can get pretty heavy. Remember to lift them properly to avoid injuring yourself. When lifting, remember to bend with your knees and hips in order to prevent having to seek out chiropractic care.

Invest in Raised Beds

Raised flower beds are an excellent option, especially if all you are really focused on is growing flowers. These beds help keep the lumbar vertebrae healthy while also allowing you a close-up view of your floral efforts.

It’s a good idea to speak with a local landscaping specialist or visit a hardware store to find out how to start procuring raised beds for your plants.

Gardening Mats Are a Back’s Best Friend

Should you absolutely need to get on the ground, picking up a gardening mat is a great way to protect the nerve roots in your spine. They are relatively affordable and make getting down and back up from the ground a simple and painless process. Not only does this tool protect your spine, but it also relieves pain in your knees that can come from the up/down motion of gardening.

Take Breaks and Stay Hydrated

Like all forms of exertion, staying hydrated during breaks is important. By pushing yourself too hard and working with sloppy techniques, even in gardening, you can cause a heavy amount of damage to your cervical spine.

How can a Chiropractor Relieve Gardening Injuries

Even if you manage to injure your back during a lawn session, your local Dallas chiropractor will be able to help you relieve your pain with an assortment of treatment options.

By utilizing soft tissue therapy, massage therapy, and spinal adjustments, your chiropractor will be able to help you back on your feet for the remainder of the season.

Premier Health Helps Keep You Pain-Free for the Summer

No matter the time of year, experiencing back pain is no picnic. If your pain includes issues like pinched nerves or slight tingling in the legs, get in touch with Premier Health Chiropractic and Wellness today. Our team of experts will be able to find out what needs care and knows how to handle it. Contact us today to find out more about our extensive chiropractic services.

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