3 Common Problems Helped with Orthopedics

Orthopedics Can Treat a Variety of Conditions

Orthopedic problems are ones concerning abnormalities found in the musculoskeletal system. These conditions range from mild to severe and can be chronic or acute. Three very common orthopedic problems are listed below with their common symptoms, typical causes, and possible treatments.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common sources of hand and wrist pain. Caused by a pinched nerve in the tunnel of bones in the wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome can be extremely painful and affect a person’s use of their wrist and hand.

Common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are pain or numbness in the hands, difficulty with handling small objects like buttons, pain or tingling in the fingers, and a sensation of swelling in the fingers.

Women are three times more likely to have carpal tunnel syndrome than men and pregnant women can experience carpal tunnel syndrome that improves after pregnancy. However, this leaves them more prone to acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome later in life.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with medication or surgery, but it is also possible to treat carpal tunnel syndrome non-surgically and drug-free with orthopedics and chiropractic care.


Arthritis causes pain, swelling, and limited movement in joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. There are over one hundred categorized as arthritis because they cause pain, stiffness, or joint, muscle, and tendon swelling.

Arthritis is more common in women than in men, often associated with old age, and normally chronic. While most common in older adults, arthritis can affect anyone.

The three most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis can be caused by genetics, everyday wear and tear, as well as autoimmune disease.

Orthopedics can help treat arthritis or at least help manage pain through a variety of techniques like massage therapy.


Scoliosis is the abnormal curving of ten or more degrees in the spine. A spine with scoliosis can curve to the left or right, with a curve in either or both the lower or upper spine, and normally resembles either the letter “C” or “S.”

Scoliosis is usually diagnosed in childhood and can be caused by a misshapen vertebrae, onset of adolescence with growing making it worse, or a lack of muscular strength caused by diseases like muscular dystrophy.

Some symptoms of scoliosis are a difference in shoulder height, a difference in hip height, asymmetry in the ribs, or a difference in sides of the back when leaning forward.

If scoliosis is detected early, it can be corrected with orthopedics and chiropractic treatment without requiring surgery. However, if severe enough, scoliosis requires a brace or spine-correcting surgery.

Discover How Pain Can Be Corrected with Orthopedics and Chiropractic Treatment in Dallas

There are several common musculoskeletal abnormalities that can be corrected with orthopedics or chiropractic treatment in place of surgery or pain medication. This results in a naturally and non-invasively improved health, wellness, and quality of life.

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