5 Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Care Even When Nothing Hurts

5 Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Care Even When Nothing Hurts

Life is busy and, all too often, it takes a major disruption before we sit up and take notice. By then the damage is done. Just as you regularly get your car checked and your oil changed, so too, should you seek regular care for your musculoskeletal health. To keep your body humming along smoothly and in the pink of health, regular chiropractic care, even when nothing is amiss, pays off in spades.

Here at Premier Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center, under the expert guidance of  Dr. H. Khayal, we partner with our patients in North Dallas, Texas, to help them lead their best, and healthiest, lives through ongoing and preventive chiropractic care.

To give you an idea of the benefits of regular chiropractic care, here are five reasons why you should see us, even if nothing hurts.1.

1. Ounce of prevention

The old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is incredibly important when it comes to your health. Good preventive chiropractic care allows us to ensure that your body is functioning as it should, and it gives us the opportunity to spot potential problems, and remedy them, long before they become debilitating issues.

2. Staying in line

The human body is an incredibly complex structure, where everything is connected, either directly or indirectly, which is especially true of your musculoskeletal system. At the heart of this system is your spine, which is the foundation of your skeleton. When your spine is out of alignment, it can cast a wide net over your entire body.

For example, if you have a misalignment in your lower spine, it can throw your hips off, which then unbalances your knees, forcing your feet and ankles to compensate. And the same chain reaction can happen in your neck and down through your shoulders and arms.

Through regular chiropractic care, we make sure that your spine is properly aligned, allowing the rest of your body to function as it was designed.

3. Keeping the flow

Although your spine is ground zero for your musculoskeletal system, it also plays a key role as a passageway for your nervous system, as well as other resources that flow up and down your body. Through regular spinal adjustments, we can prevent nerve compression, as well as ensure that your body’s natural resources are free to travel to where they’re needed, rather than becoming held up by a subluxation (misalignment).

This free flow of your resources helps keep inflammation at bay and promotes better vascular and nerve health.

4. Improve your performance

Whether you’re a weekend warrior on the golf course or a daily runner, through regular chiropractic care we can find ways to improve your performance. Through a custom-tailored plan that may include spinal adjustments, electric muscle stimulation, massage therapy, or spinal decompression, we can set you up for maximum performance in the activity of your choice.

5. Relieve your stress  

Our fast-paced world gives us plenty to stress about, which can lead to a host of physical and mental problems. Your body’s physiological response to stress is the release of certain hormones, which elevate your heart rate and cause your muscles to tense. Even though these reactions are designed to fuel our fight-or-flight response, ongoing stress means that your body is spending too much time in this fight-or-flight zone.

Through regular chiropractic care, we can relieve this tension, allowing your body to relax instead of operating in a heightened state of alert.

If you want to set yourself up for healthy living through regular chiropractic care, please give us a call, or use the online booking tool on this website to set up an appointment.

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