Beyond the Spa: Medical Benefits of Massage

Massages are great for unwinding and relaxing, but they also provide your body with numerous medical benefits. About 7% of people have received a massage not to relax but to treat the sources of their aches, pains, and other ailments. That’s why Dr. H. Khayal at Premier Health Chiropractic & Wellness in Dallas, Texas, is proud to offer massage therapy as an integral part of his comprehensive list of chiropractic treatments. 

History of massage therapy

Long before it was a popular feature of spas and resorts, massage was used as a form of healing. Massage therapy first appeared as acupressure in ancient China. A healer would use their hands, fingers, or other massage tools to access pressure points to promote healing and reduce pain. 

Massage therapy advanced through the centuries, taking another step when Swedish massage was developed in the 19th century. Originally used to treat Swedish gymnasts, this type of massage is now a staple in modern massage therapy practices. 

In addition to Swedish massage, our Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) is trained in the various types of massage that have developed over the years, including:

With our wide range of massage options, we can treat any source of pain, from sports injuries to pregnancy-related discomfort. We work closely with you and keep an open line of communication so you always get the best care. Here are a few reasons we think you can benefit from massage therapy.

You feel less pain and stiffness

Perhaps one of the main reasons people seek out massage therapy is to reduce pain. Pain occurs when your muscles contract and put inordinate stress on your nerves. Our LMT uses massage therapy to relax your muscles and reduce the painful contractions and nerve compressions.

Massage therapy also can work out any persistent stiffness by relaxing both the superficial and deep layers of your tissues to help your body become realigned and relaxed. Because massage therapy is a natural approach to healing, it can help you reduce your dependency on medications you’ve used to manage your pain. 

You get your range of motion back

Second only to pain and stiffness, lack of mobility is another common reason people schedule an appointment with our LMT. Massage therapy gets deep into your muscles and tissues and works out any stiffness there. With your muscles loosened and relaxed, you should notice a significant improvement in your range of motion and mobility. 

You heal much faster

Massage therapy’s ability to promote increased healing is especially beneficial if you’re an athlete or struggling with an illness. The physical manipulation involved in massage therapy stimulates circulation and blood flow in your body. This means your cells are supplied with a steady flow of oxygen and nutrients. Your healthier cells are better able to fight off swelling, recover from pain, and flush out toxins.

The healing goes much deeper than better circulation and less pain. When your body is in a relaxed state, your heart rate and blood pressure lower, your immune system gets a boost, and your sleeping habits improve. These changes all make it possible for your body to function and heal better. 

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance, a 9-5 office worker with tense muscles, a senior with lingering aches and pains, or someone who wants to treat and support their body naturally, massage therapy is for you. If you’d like more information or want to request a consultation, call our office to get started.

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