How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Prevent Sports Injuries

Premier Health Chiropractic Chiropractic Adjustments Prevent Sports Injuries  Dr. H. Khayal

You might think all chiropractors do is crack backs. But there’s much more to this form of “alternative medicine.” Chiropractors are one of the largest group of medical providers in the United States. These physicians use hands-on-therapy to relieve chronic pain, without relying on medication. Chiropractors think outside the box. That's why this form of physiotherapy is so effective at treating sport injuries.

Are you an athlete? Visit Premier Health Chiropractic. Dr. H. Khayal, and his team, can provide preventative care to decrease your risk of sports injuries. Here’s how chiropractic adjustments can help you:

Keeping Your Spine Aligned

The spine is valuable. Like stilts on a beach house, if it’s in alignment, it can withstand any force that crashes against it. If the spine is not aligned, impact won't distribute, which causes injury.

Your spine should be in alignment. Especially if you take part in impact-heavy or contact sports.

Detecting Muscle Imbalances

When you’re imbalanced, your body distributes physical pressure across your body. Which causes breaks, sprains, bruises, and sometimes worst injuries.

Chiropractors can help. They can tell when certain areas are too tight or tense. Which indicates a muscle imbalance. Those imbalances need adjustments. And once made, each muscle will be able to operate as it should.

Ensuring You Heal Better

Athletes suffer sports injuries for several reason. Over-training, ineffective warm up, and forceful impacts are a few. Chiropractors reduce the pain from these injuries. How? By manipulating the spine to promote quick recovery.

Chiropractic treatment is as important as a cast or physical therapy. After all, making sure your body heals will help you avoid later injuries.

When To Seek Preventative Care

Preventative care keeps your physique flexible, relaxed and toned. It's important to schedule regular appointments with a chiropractor. Not only to enhance your performance, but also ensure your body is ready to handle any damages.

What To Expect During Appointment

During your appointment, you’ll receive suggestions on different types of treatments. Like, spinal manipulation, hip alignments, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). You also might receive referrals to massage therapists.

With the right doctor, chiropractic adjustments can stop sports injuries in their tracks. Dr. H. Khayal understands the micro-functions of muscles, joints, and bones. He can provide top notch care, so you can stay in the game longer.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with Dr. H. Khayal here or call 972-713-9335 today.

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