Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Children?

If you have tried chiropractic care yourself as an adult, you are probably aware of the immense benefits that this treatment can hold for your muscle and skeletal health.

But have you ever wondered if chiropractic care is safe for children? Children aren’t immune to the causes of joint pain, whether it be a sports accident or daily aches and pains.

After meeting with your child’s primary care physician, you may find that a chiropractor has the specific tools to treat your health issue.

As a trained provider, Dr. H. Khayal of Premier Health Chiropractic & Wellness is a board-certified chiropractor that has experience working with both children and adolescents, prioritizing their safety, health, and wellness in all treatments.

Children and adolescents are frequently treated by chiropractors

Chiropractic care is often considered something only for adults. But data shows that children and adolescents, or young adults between the age of 10 and 18, also seek chiropractic care quite often in the United States.

In one study, children and adolescents made up over 10% of patients in chiropractic practices across a major urban city over a single week. In addition, chiropractors reported that they often would treat the child or adolescent directly before referring them to a medical or osteopathic physician.

According to the CDC, approximately 3% of children in the United States have visited a chiropractor at least once.

Chiropractic care is safe for children

There have been multiple studies that examined the safety of chiropractic care for children. One well-known study looked at over 200 children who were treated by chiropractors and found only two unsafe events that occurred during a period of over 1000 visits.

In simpler terms, unsafe or adverse events are rare.

To treat children, chiropractors must be trained

One chiropractor does not fit all, however. Before you decide to have your child start chiropractic care, make sure that your provider has the training and experience working with children. Kid’s bodies are in development, and their joints, muscles, and bones are constantly growing and changing.

A skilled chiropractor is knowledgeable about the ways in which your child’s body is changing and can make sure that the techniques used are appropriate for the child’s age level.

Treatment that partners with the whole family

Treatments that are successful for children also involve the entire family. Lifestyle is a key part of improving aches, pains, and issues with the spine and back. To really effect change, the treatments done during your chiropractic appointments should also be integrated into your life.

If you are looking for providers that are experts in treating families, from pregnant patients to children and adolescents to older adults, give Premier Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center a try. For anyone in the Dallas area seeking chiropractic care for your child, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Khayal by calling today.

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