The Many Benefits of Orthotics

If you have constant or severe pain in your feet, you’re not alone. Approximately 8 of every 10 Americans have reported foot pain. Often, that foot pain finds its way into other parts of your body. 

Whatever the reason for your foot pain, Dr. H. Khayal at Premier Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas, is an expert in treating it with orthotics. Read more to see how Dr. Khayal can help you take your first painless steps with customized orthotics. 

What you should know about orthotics

Orthotics are custom-made shoe or heel inserts that Dr. Khayal prescribes for foot, back, and knee pain. Dr. Khayal specializes in orthotics from Foot Levelers. To prepare for your first consultation with Dr. Khayal, think about when your pain first started and anything that triggers or alleviates your pain. He also wants to evaluate how you walk, to see how your feet and ankles are aligned, and to discuss any previous medical history. 

After he evaluates your specific situations and needs, Dr. Khayal uses cutting-edge technology to create an exact mold of your foot that’s used in the construction of your customized orthotic. 

Orthotics are an effective way to reduce your pain and correct any stability or support issues in your feet, but it’s important that you get your orthotics from a specialist like Dr. Khayal and not rely on retail orthotics. Orthotics sold in the store aren’t specific to your anatomy and needs and can potentially exacerbate any pain you’re experiencing. If you’re interested in orthotics, call our office today for a consultation. 

How can orthotics benefit me?

The primary purpose of an orthotic is to treat pain and any alignment or stability issues you have. Here are some of the many ways orthotics can benefit you.

Increased comfort

Customized orthotics add cushioning to areas of your feet that experience the most stress, including the balls of your feet and your heels. 

Additional support

Orthotics are commonly used to supply extra support where you need it. If your feet and ankles aren’t supported, you’re likely to experience pronation or supination. Pronation occurs when your ankle rolls inward and puts unnatural stress on your knees, hip, and back. Supination is the opposite and occurs when your ankle rolls outward, putting stress on other joints in your body and causing you pain. Orthotics return your ankles to their natural alignment so you feel less pain. 

Reduced pain

You might be feeling pain in your feet, knees, hips, and back as a result of a medical condition, a previous injury, an issue with structure and alignment, or a bone deformity. No matter what’s causing your pain, orthotics can help to relieve it by gently correcting alignment, cushioning areas experiencing severe stress and pressure, and providing support where most needed.

Who needs orthotics?

Orthotics have benefited many people and many medical conditions. If you experience any of the following, consider custom orthotics as a treatment option:

Foot problems

Orthotics most commonly address problems that occur in your feet, including:

All of these common foot problems are effectively treated by the support and cushioning that orthotics can provide. Proper support can help to treat most bone deformities, structure issues, and other feet problems and reduce the accompanying inflammation and pain. 

Other medical conditions

The benefits of orthotics don’t stop at your feet. They’ve been known to treat pain caused by diabetes, arthritis, or injury. Often, diabetes causes a loss of sensation in your feet. Orthotics work to alleviate undue stress and pressure that can lead to foot ulcers caused by diabetes. 

Arthritis refers to problems with joint inflammation. Orthotics provide comfort, cushioning, and support to your aching joints. If you’ve experienced trauma or injury to your foot or ankle, orthotics can assist the healing process by supporting your foot and ankle. 

If you’re tired of unrelenting pain, custom-made orthotics might be your path to a pain-free life. Let Dr. Khayal create a tailored treatment plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Take the first step toward less pain and call our office today.

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