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Understanding The Benefits of Orthotics

One of the most common pain issues that people deal with is some form of foot pain, whether it’s because of poor arch support, plantar fasciitis, or arthritis. There can be other causes, but foot and lower body pain that stems from spinal misalignment, neuromuscular issues, or inherent problems with a person’s skeletal system can get worse over time if not treated properly. Alternatively, foot issues can cause back pain or other upper body pain. In order to deal with these issues efficiently, chiropractors utilize orthotics.

When an orthosis is created for a patient, it’s meant to help control an extremity or body segment to aid in rehabilitation or long-term corrective treatment. Orthotics are more than just corrective for the feet; they also work as pelvic stabilizers, leading to overall spinal alignment. The reason they can be so beneficial is because they continue treatment even when the patient is not in the chiropractor’s office. Over time, orthoses can lead to full recovery, posture restoration, and more. Some examples of orthotics include shoe inserts and knee braces, but note that orthotics also refers to the all-encompassing medical speciality involving the design and manufacturing of those devices. If you’re considering orthotics as a form of treatment or want to learn more about their benefits, you can contact our office for a free consultation and we’ll help determine if orthotics is the right fit for you.

Additional Premier Health Chiropractic Treatments

Beyond helping patients who need or use orthotics, Premier Health Clinic specializes in a number of additional treatments that can help you alleviate pain, restore posture, or improve your overall health. If you’re not sure about a more holistic approach to your health, or have hesitations about chiropractic in general, that’s okay! We offer every new patient a free consultation where you’ll meet with Dr. K. to discuss your ailments and possible treatment options. From there, we’ll determine if you can benefit from any of the following services:

Understanding The Benefits of Orthotics

When you’re prescribed to wear a custom orthosis, it is designed to help modify your body’s alignment towards a more centered, aligned position. For those who suffer from conditions like cerebral palsy, spina bifida, or scoliosis, orthotics will help treat subsequent symptoms over the course of time. Besides those more well-known issues, an orthosis can assist with a person’s movement (or restrict movement if that is what’s called for), completely immobilize an extremity to facilitate recovery, or reduce how much weight a part of the body is exposed to. Because the body is so interconnected, chronic lower back pain can be treated by a Dallas chiropractor with the right series or orthotic treatment or a foot orthosis. Make sure you talk to Dr. K. in detail about issues you’re experiencing, and he may recommend orthotics as a course of treatment.

The Premier Health Approach to Chiropractic Care

When patients choose Premier Health Clinic, they can expect support far beyond standard chiropractic treatment. We strive to not only help patients achieve pain-free living, but also educate them about embracing a well-balanced lifestyle. This includes healthy diet, exercise, and continued chiropractic to address a wide variety of ailments and conditions. Because we utilize cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat our patients, we’re able to provide care for patients from all walks of life and of all ages, including infants or pregnant mothers. From the moment you step into our office, you’ll understand how much we believe in the work we do, and how dedicated we are to the mission of helping patients improve their overall well-being.

How Technology Has Improved Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is over a century old, and since its inception, technology has allowed practitioners to provide an even higher level of personalized care. Diagnosing the source of pain and discomfort has never been easier, and we’re able to give patients more targeted, non-invasive treatment. One of the most popular forms of chiropractic care is cold laser therapy. This remedy utilizes a handheld device that produces visible infrared light. The doctor will direct the laser over the injured area, allowing photons to safely penetrate the skin and cause a series of molecular vibrations. These vibrations help increase cellular energy, which in turn will lead to a faster recovery rate. Not only that, but the laser helps the body produce additional endorphins, and reduces inflammation at the targeted area. Best of all, a full treatment session can be completed in less than 15 minutes, and it produces a comfortable warm feeling at the site of impact. This is just one of the many ways technology has allowed chiropractors to help patients improve their well-being and overall level of happiness.