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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Whether you work in a factory, office, or in retail, your hands and wrists are often doing the same actions over and over again. These repetitive actions can cause micro-traumas to your hands and wrists, when this is combined with joint dysfunction and spinal problems it can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The most common symptoms of carpal tunnel include pain, weakness, tingling or even numbness in your hands or wrists. The median nerve is what controls most of the muscles in your hand. The nerve travels from the tips of your fingers, through the bones in your wrists, up past your elbow and arm through your shoulder and neck and finally connecting to your spinal cord. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused when the bones in the wrist begin to pinch the median nerve causing inflammation, nerve pressure pain within your wrist.

How Chiropractic Can Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your chiropractic doctor will do a thorough examination and will decide where adjustments need to be made. These adjustments will help normalize the structure of the wrist and improve nerve function. Many patients have been pleased with the results that chiropractic care can offer and have had successful treatments without needing to rely on drugs or surgery for recovery.

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Chiropractic Services That We Offer

When it comes to medicine, most treatments tend to be reactive, rather than proactive. Chiropractic is different. Not only does it treat these conditions, but it can prevent them from happening in the first place. Many musculoskeletal injuries can be corrected through proper chiropractic care. Chiropractic does more than simply treat injuries, it can help you live your life well. Our team will be able to assess malfunctions within your nervous system and help it function the way that it should. We do a full examination of our patients and design their care around what types of adjustments need to be made. We are proud to be offering the following chiropractic services: