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Neck Pain Treatment

Understanding Your Neck Pain

Your head is heavier than you may realize. Your neck is designed with a curve to properly balance your head without your muscles needing to do much. However, when your neck loses its curvature, that is when you begin feeling neck pain. When this happens, your body relies on the muscles and ligaments within your neck to hold your head up. This strains these muscles and forces them to work harder than they should, which can cause them to spasm or become increasingly tight.

How Chiropractic Can Treat Neck Pain

Instead of simply treating the symptom of pain, chiropractic treats the actual cause of the pain itself. Chiropractic treatments will help adjust your neck back to its natural curvature. We will use exact pressure in a precise way to properly align your neck and spine, which will help your neck balance the weight of your head so that your neck muscles don’t have to work so hard to hold your head up. This will in turn help to relieve pain.

“I visited Dr. Khayal office with sever pain in my upper back and neck area! After thorough examination and diagnosis he started his treatment plan! After the first appointment only I started feeling better! By the 4th appointment I have no pain at all!” – Farqad A.

Holistic Wellness Through Our Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic practices are not simply about treating one problem, but rather about treating your holistic health. We will make sure that your nervous system is working the way that it should. Since every person’s body is unique, their chiropractic care and treatment needs to be unique as well. We will do a full examination of your body to discover where you need care and how it can be treated. Unlike other types of medicine, chiropractic does not simply treat the symptoms, but the cause of the symptoms. We have helped so many of our patients become the healthiest versions of themselves. Take a look at all of the services we are proud to offer below.