What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine begins to curve sideways. Scoliosis tends to begin in childhood, while the vertebrae are still growing. Most of the time, the cause of scoliosis is unknown, but it is thought to be the result of heredity or an adaptation to some form of physical trauma. Chiropractic doctors are able to diagnose scoliosis due to uneven shoulder heights, a change in posture, or a lack of balance. Spinal bones grow until you reach your early 20’s. If the condition is not diagnosed and corrected, the scoliosis will often worsen.

How Chiropractic Can Treat Scoliosis

The common treatments for scoliosis tend to be reactive rather than proactive. Many treatments wait to see the severity of the condition only to resort to unsightly back braces or even surgery. Chiropractic has a proactive approach to the condition. Through spinal adjustments and corrective exercises, chiropractic doctors have been able to successfully correct the spine and ensure that it continues to grow correctly. It is important to detect Scoliosis early and begin chiropractic treatment as soon as you are diagnosed. If you or your child is struggling with scoliosis, schedule a consultation with Dr. Khayal and our chiropractic team to begin treatment.

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