Shoe Inserts


Custom Shoe Inserts for Your Body

Shoe inserts can help prevent a number of musculoskeletal injuries. When the curves and arches of your feet are not constructed correctly, it will cause pain throughout your body. Feet’s curves and arches are designed to absorb the shock your body feels while you walk or run. Without the correct curves, your entire lower body and back will begin to suffer. We can design custom shoe inserts that will support your feet and ensure that they have the correct curvature. This will help to realign your body and ensure that your body stays pain-free and healthier.


Orthotics from Premier Health

Everyone’s feet are different and they need the right support for their body. We will examine your feet and your body to diagnose malfunctions within your body. We will then create custom orthotics and shoe inserts specifically to correct the dysfunctions of your feet and body. Our caring chiropractic team will be ready to answer any questions you may have about our custom shoe inserts and our chiropractic care.

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