What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerves run down the back of each leg; they are known to be the largest nerves in your body. These nerves can become irritated when nearby soft tissues become inflamed. This irritation is known as sciatica. Often, the inflammation of the soft tissue is caused by chemical, emotional, or physical stress. Sciatica leads to pain when the nerve roots are irritated, twisted, pinched, or stretched. When sciatica flares up, it can become debilitating due to lower back pain, burning, cramping, and numbness throughout the thighs, calves, ankles, and feet.

How Chiropractic Can Treat Sciatica

Common treatments for sciatica often require pain medications, muscle relaxants, and even surgery. Instead of these options, which often lead to other complications, the chiropractic approach is a natural and effective way of relieving sciatic pain. Chiropractic has been shown to reduce nerve irritation and thus reduce the pain. Many of our patients have seen dramatic differences in their health and spine function after going through treatment.

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