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Understanding Whiplash

You brake at the red light. Suddenly, you feel a force from behind, pushing your body forward with a loud crunch. Your car stops moving suddenly, causing your head to snap back. You’ve just been rear-ended. Car accidents tend to be the most common cause of whiplash. Even if it’s a small “fender bender,” car accidents can cause more damage to your body than you realize. The trauma of whiplash can cause subluxations within your spine, causing it to be out of alignment. This can cause problems throughout your body, not just in your neck.

How Chiropractic Can Treat Whiplash

Instead of simply treating the pain, chiropractic adjusts the spine to ensure that it is properly aligned. This will ensure that your nervous system is working the way that it should, which will help relieve the pain permanently and help your body become healthier overall. Talk to our chiropractic team about how we can help ease the pain that your whiplash has caused.

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