Wrist Pain


Understanding Wrist Pain

Whether you are struggling with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or another type of wrist pain, a majority of wrist pain is caused by misalignment of the carpal bones. When they become misaligned, the ligaments can become strained and this will cause pain. Misalignments can also pinch the nerves which will cause nerve pain. However, the pain in your wrists could also be referred pain because of other musculoskeletal dysfunctions within your body.

How Chiropractic Can Treat Wrist Pain

Dr. H. Khayal will do a full examination of your body and wrist. This will ensure that we can discover the cause of your wrist so that we can create the right plan of care for your body’s needs. We will align your bones, which will help your nervous system to function the way that it should. Schedule a free consultation with us today to begin on your chiropractic care.

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