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Our Process

Understanding Our Process and How We Can Help You

We want to make your experience with Premier Health Clinic truly enjoyable, from the first call to your personalized treatment session with Dr. Khayal.

Here’s What’s Involved

1. Schedule a Free Consultation

Chiropractic care might be unfamiliar to some people, which is why we always encourage new patients to schedule a free consultation. Simply call and we’ll help find a time that works for you, answer any questions about insurance, along with potential pricing options if needed.

2. Fill Out Patient Intake Form

Upon making your first appointment, we’ll send you a patient intake form that you can easily and efficiently fill out online. When you send it back to us before your meeting, it helps us process your information faster so when you come in, you can start your scheduled visit on time.

3. Meet Dr. H. Khayal To Discuss Issues

One of the most important parts about becoming a patient at Premier Health is your initial meeting with Dr. Khayal. In this consultation, we want to learn more about your medical history, your overall health, what you’re trying to achieve, and outline a possible treatment plan.

4. Undergo Physical Evaluation

If you think that chiropractic care is what you’re looking for, after speaking with Dr. Khayal, we’ll take x-rays before moving forward with any specified treatment. We will schedule a follow up meeting with you so we have time to investigate what we see and determine if you’re a qualified candidate for chiropractic.

5. Report of Findings Meeting

During the report of findings meeting, Dr. Khayal will provide a full evaluation based on previously obtained medical history and the recently taken x-rays. We’ll take time to educate you about your ailments using a model spine and other tools. Finally, we’ll present you with a booklet about your recommended treatment, pricing, and can even start treatment during that same appointment if you’d like to move forward.