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If you suffer from chronic foot or ankle pain, you could find relief with custom-fitted orthotics. Dr. H. Khayal, DC, offers a variety of orthotics at Premier Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center in North Dallas, Texas, to alleviate your pain and promote long-term recovery. Whether you want to improve your posture or address a misalignment of your spine, Dr. H. Khayal can design an orthotics treatment plan especially for you. Find out if you’re a good candidate for orthotics by calling the office today or book a consultation online.

Orthotics Q & A

What’s an orthotic?

Orthotics are custom-fitted devices that fit into your shoes to better support your body. They are often beneficial in treating conditions of the ankle and foot, helping to correct structural deformities and support the overall alignment of your body.

Each orthotic can be made to address your specific issues and are more effective than those you buy over the counter. Dr. H. Khayal uses computerized technology to create a mold of your foot or ankle to ensure your orthotic device is exactly what you need.

Why do I need orthotics?

One of the most common complaints of pain concerns the foot. Foot pain can be the result of structural issues, a lack of proper arch support, or painful conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

You can also develop chronic foot pain that results in more complicated upper body pain. Conditions that can cause chronic health complications include:

  • Neuromuscular issues
  • Skeletal abnormalities
  • Misalignment of the spine

If these conditions aren’t treated early, they can cause a worsening of pain and other issues. Orthotics can be an ideal treatment option to improve foot pain and provide better support for your body.

What are the benefits of orthotics?

Orthotics offer long-term corrective treatment to prevent pain and misalignment of your skeletal system. In addition to stabilizing your feet and ankles, custom orthotics can provide stability to your pelvis and improve the alignment of your spine.

With proper fit and regular use, orthotics can go a long way toward helping you recover from injury or misalignment issues. You can also benefit from an improved posture and an overall sense of well-being.

What types of orthotics are available?

Dr. H. Khayal offers many types of custom-fitted orthotics to address a variety of issues that cause you pain and mobility issues. He specializes in orthotics from Foot Levelers Inc.

To determine what type of orthotic device is right for you, Dr. H. Khayal performs a thorough evaluation of the affected area. He also discusses your symptoms and any limitations you might suffer due to pain or limited mobility.

Find out more about the benefits of orthotics for your recovery by calling the office today or conveniently booking an appointment online.