Who Spinal Decompression Helps

For thousands of years, people have used a combination of massage and stretching to heal from injuries. Though massage has been used all over the world for centuries, the modern world has connected the different types of massage styles, and some have evolved. Spinal decompression is an example of a new type of massage, born of the healing tradition of massages. Spinal decompression has been shown to heal certain pains and discomfort with a couple of sessions, and working in conjunction with other treatments.

Office Workers

Modern offices are a hallmark of convenience. We people get to go into a climate-controlled building with lots of chairs and desks to do work on a device that automates everything into a single, readable format. Even with the wonderful conveniences of working in an office, there’s always a small danger in working that is sedentary. It is important to remember to get up and stretch as often as possible, and try to start your day with some cardiovascular exercise. If you spend long periods of time in one position, you’re at risk for back pain. Your doctor may recommend something new, like spinal decompression, to relieve your pain, or your doctor may recommend ultrasound treatment.


If you’re an athlete, you’re at elevated risk for injury, though not for illness. Even if you’re not an athlete, but are an active runner or gym-goer, it’s always a good idea to make sure to take care of your body. Proper rest is important for active people. Without it, your body won’t have a chance to recover, and make you stronger and faster. During all of this activity, your spinal disks naturally compress. This shouldn’t normally pose a problem, but sometimes, it can be the source of discomfort. When this happens, massages can absolutely help you. Exercise builds muscle, but also tightens them. Spinal decompression can both help relax the delicate muscles around your spine, and stretch your spine, taking pressure off of your spinal disks.


As our bodies age, all of our bodily systems begin to decline. Having the chance to grow older, however, is a privilege, and it is always wise to care for your body before you grow old. Something as simple as taking two brisk walks each day, and making sure to do your fair share of stretching dramatically lowers the possibility of sustaining an injury when you’re older. Your back won’t be what it used to be, and making sure to properly care for your spinal disks becomes more important than ever. Make sure that you ask your doctor about spinal decompression, and how it can help you maintain your strength and flexibility.

Injury Patients

Anyone who sustains a back injury should consider several types of physical therapy. It is important to work closely with your doctor for a program that will help you heal and feel better. If your doctor recommends therapy, spinal decompression may be near the top of the list. In stretching the spinal disks, more blood is able to flow through the back, bringing oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body.

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