3 Easy Spinal Decompression Stretches You Can Do


Spinal Decompression Therapy Relieves Pain

Spinal decompression can be a great alternative to back surgery for those suffering from chronic back pain. Through a variety of therapeutic techniques and regular visits, licensed spinal decompression therapists are able to relieve:

  • Lower back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Neck pain
  • Pain caused by herniated discs
  • Pain caused by bulging discs
  • Pain caused by degenerated discs

At-Home Spinal Decompression Stretches

Nothing can replace regular visits to your spinal decompression chiropractor. However, there are a few stretches that can be done at home in between visits that can temporarily help relieve pain.

The following three stretches are fairly simple and can often be found in a beginner’s level yoga class. All are most comfortably performed using an exercise mat to give your body an extra cushion from the floor.

1. Cat Stretch

This stretch has the ability to relieve pain in the spine by taking pressure of the spinal discs, especially those in the lumbar region.Starting on your hands and knees, with a level spine, use your abdominal muscles to comfortably raise the lower back. Hold this for around fifteen to twenty second and then return to the starting position. This can be repeated if desired.

2. Back Arch

This stretch also can relieve discomfort in the lower back by elongating and alleviating pressure from the spine.To begin this stretch, start by laying flat on your back. Be sure to use an exercise mat to have maximum comfort for the spine. Once laying on your back, place your hands on the back of your knees. Use your hands and your abdominal muscles to bring your knees to your chest. Do not use the muscles in your back to bring your knees in, this would only increase pressure to the spine and be counterproductive to the stretch. Hold this for about seven seconds and then release. Repeat up to ten times if desired.

3. Child’s Pose

Like cat stretch and back arch, child’s pose elongates the spine in order to relieve pressure on the spinal discs. Unlike the other two stretches, child’s pose uses the natural curve of the thigh muscles to elongate the spine. Be sure to use an exercise mat to protect your knees from the floor.To begin child’s pose, start by sitting upright on your knees. Once on your knees, lay your body flat on top of your thighs. To increase the stretch, elongate your upper body forward. Hold this for about fifteen to twenty seconds and then release.

Discover the Benefits of Spinal Decompression in the Dallas Area

While nothing can replace spinal decompression therapy done regularly by a licensed Dallas chiropractor, these stretches can help temporarily relieve pain in the spine. The cat stretch, back arch, and child’s pose all relieve pain in the spine by decreasing the pressure through an active stretch that can be done at home.

Spinal decompression, like these three stretches, is a pain-free and natural way to relieve spinal pain, making spinal decompression therapy a great non-surgical alternative.

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