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Hear Testimonials From Past and Present Patients

We’ve helped thousands of patients over the years, and every one has a different story to tell. Hear from a number of our satisfied patients and find out why Premier Health Clinic is the best choice for your chiropractic and preventative care needs.

Helping Patients Achieve Pain Free Living



Chronic Mid and Low Back Pain

“I always leave feeling a lot better than when I arrived. I will always use chiropractic care and even though I now work over an hour from here, I still make sure to travel down and come visit Dr. Khayal.”



History of Neck and Back Pain

“You don’t have to live with the pain when you have a resource and a doctor like Doc here. Whether it’s the back, lower back, middle back, a shoulder, an elbow, a foot, he has a solution, with the technology he has, the knowledge, and his thoroughness. He’s a great doctor.”



History of Arthritis (Neck, Back, Knees)

“You will find great results when you come to see Dr. K. Guaranteed. He is really all about the patient.”



Hand Numbness/Tingling

“What I appreciated about Dr. K was the technology [and] the explanation. It’s obvious that he keeps up with the most current therapies.”



Shoulder Pain and Loss of Range of Motion

“When I first came to Dr. Khayal’s office, I was really impressed with the way he talked to me about my injury…He was very in depth about it and took his time to really explain things.”



Foot Injury and General Chiropractic

“I’ve been coming to Dr. K. for over 3 years… I’ve been going to chiropractors for 15-16 years and he’s absolutely the best chiropractor I’ve ever met. Very caring, very progressive. His treatments are on a whole other level from traditional chiropractic.”



Pinched Nerves

“I’m here giving a personal report on my tremendous belief in the Proadjuster and Dr. Khayal and his staff here at Premier Health Clinic….Even more than the equipment it’s just the personal care that Dr. Khayal gives. You sense that in talking to him and his concern and his true motivation to make us all feel better and have a better quality of life.”



Spinal Stenosis and Spondylosis

“What’s really kept me coming back is just how wonderful the services [are]. Dr. Khayal is the kind of person who wants to know each day how you’re feeling.”



Lower Back Pain

“It’s very relaxing to come here and do all the therapy and talk with the staff and the doctor. It feels like a family environment.”



General Chiropractic

“My experience with the ProAdjuster is that it’s much more precise. It can immediately identify any issues.”


Anonymous Patient

Stiffness In Neck and Arms

“I’ve been coming for almost a year and it’s feeling so much better. I don’t have pain every day. Dr. Khayal is wonderful. His staff is fantastic. I would refer anybody to this gentleman.”

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Pinched Nerve and Bone Degeneration

“The difference I have seen with Dr. Khayal is his concern and his compassion for each individual.”


Anonymous Patient


“[Dr. Khayal] is professional. He cares as much as a doctor as he does as a person and he makes you so comfortable and so welcome and so warm that you want to come back and tell everyone about him.”




“The combination of [Dr. Khayal] and his personality, and this office and how nice everybody is, and the proadjuster, I just don’t think you can beat it.”



Joint Pain in Arms, Knees, and Legs

“I’ve done all of [Dr. Khayal’s] treatments…I felt like I could just get back to all the stuff I was doing before the pain.”

Hear From More Of Our Patients

“I will recommend anyone to Dr. Khayal’s office! He and his staff have always been amazing towards me. Within a month I was nearly pain free in my hips after 3 years of increasing pain. You will not be disappointed if you need help or desire preventative care.”

– Tina B.

“Dr. Khayal and his superbly kind and professional staff have been helping me since I had an auto accident in Nov ’14. It’s now mid Jan ’15 and not only have I shown significant improvement due to their amazing work, but he and his staff are so good-natured and caring they make me look forward to every single visit. Coming here makes my day. I do and will continue to recommend this place to anyone I know that needs or wants chiropractic care. Thank you guys so much!”

– Nathan W.

“I visited Dr. Khayal’s office with sever pain in my upper back and neck area! After thorough examination and diagnosis he started his treatment plan! After the first appointment I already started feeling better! By the 4th appointment I have no pain at all! The office environment is very relaxing, very clean. Very gentle treatment from Dr. Khayal! His staff are super nice! I highly recommend him! Coming back again for sure!
Thank you Dr. Khayal and your staff!”

– Farqad A.

“Having been a patient of Dr. Khayal’s since 2007, I now know the value a great chiropractor can be for my overall well being and health. I was literally saved from shoulder surgery. I am a convert! Before even “traditional” medicine, my first thoughts turn to Dr. K when I’m not 100%. From his warm and friendly staff to his genuine care and concern for your health both mental and physical, I would and have continued to recommend Dr. Khayal any chance I can.”

– Karen O.

“I have never experienced better patient care! I am already starting to see results a few weeks into my treatment. This is a great place to go if you are looking to heal!”

– Whitney J.

“I had Emily for my massage and Dr. Khayal for my exam and both of them were absolutely fantastic!! I was greeted with such kindness and was shown how to do the pre exam quiz. The entire staff was so kind and extremely helpful. Would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! Will definitely be back time and time again!!”

– Catie F.

“Just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you Dr. Khayal and wonderful staff! Both my husband and I are able to live better with their tremendous treatments and truly enjoy coming into their clinic! Dr. Khayal is always professional, answers and provides exceptional chiropractic care information for both of us and above all, makes us feel welcomed and cared for. Highly recommend Premier Health Clinic!”

– Nancy S.

“Dr. Khayal & his staff are always friendly, on time and make you feel that you are their most important patient. I always feel better after leaving Dr. Khayal’s office!”

– Carla S.

“Nice staff. Efficient. The doctor is very knowledgable and I always feel better when I leave. With progressive treatments, I know I’m getting top of the line care. I go once a month, and since I began regular adjustments, I absolutely notice the difference.”

– Stacy S.

“During several months of my back treatment, I received by Dr. Khayal and all his staff the best attention I could ask. They are very professional, attentive, and really caring health providers. They have the patience and take the time to see what your needs are, and never rush you to get out of the office like other doctors do. You may feel assured that you will be treated the way a human should be treated.”

– Emilio C.

“Dr. K and his staff were very helpful in treating my shoulder and low back pain condition. I enjoyed the overall experience and learned quite a bit about chiropractic and the ways Dr. K treats many different conditions. I had sciatica and rotator cuff issues and they used cold laser therapy and a machine known as the Pro Adjuster. Real high tech with no pain. I recommend them to my friends and contacts.”

– Michael L.

“Dr. Khayal pays close attention to detail and is so friendly! He truly cares! The staff is also extremely helpful and friendly!”

– Liss B.