3 Spinal Conditions to Look Out For

As humans, we will usually know that something is going wrong with us by the presence of pain. Pain is something that drives some of us to avoid action and sometimes interaction with other people. Pain helps us not only to know when we’re injured, but also helps us to remember to avoid doing certain things, like sticking our hands in fire, and twisting all the way around when it stings. We need to be particularly mindful of the pain that we feel in our backs and necks: the back is the center of our motion, and the neck is the meeting place of many major nerves in the body. If either is injured, or not functioning properly, it can spell disaster for the rest of your body. Even when you are in great shape, the spine can be vulnerable to an number of unfortunate and painful events, and you should always check with your doctor if you are experiencing consistent, or recurring back pain.


Scoliosis is an unnatural curve of the spine. There is no cure for scoliosis, and it typically occurs in children before or during puberty. Scoliosis is something that can affect someone for just a little while, or for the rest of their lives. The condition can manifest itself with uneven shoulders, pain in the back, and muscle spasms  A doctor needs to diagnose the condition, but there are a variety of non-invasive and holistic treatments to make life easier for those living with scoliosis.

Herniated Disk

When one of the gel-like disks between one of the round bones, or vertebrae, of your skeleton squishes out of place, that is called a herniated disk. Your intervertebral disks are positioned between each of the vertebrae, creating a cushion pad that enables you to move and turn your back almost anyway that you want. Each of the disk is filled with a gel-like fluid that’s surrounded by a casing that keeps it intact. When the disk is herniated, the casing splits, leaking the gel-like core within, and causing discomfort. It is possible that you can have a herniated disk, and feel no symptoms, but should you have a backache, and it is accompanied by numbness and pain in other parts of your body, it is wise to see a doctor.

Spinal Fracture

Some people call a spinal fracture a ‘broken back,’ which occurs when a vertebrae is broken. This is a serious injury that can cause paralysis, extreme pain, and loss of coordination. Some are able to make a full recovery from injuries to their spinal cords, usually through a combination of medicinal and physical therapy, where, in some cases, it becomes necessary to reteach motor skills. Some, however, end up needing assistance with daily life after a spinal injury, including assistance with breathing and using the bathroom. It is possible to continue to heal, but not always feasible. It is important to take care of your body, and especially important to make sure that your back and neck receive appropriate care and attention from you.

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