Chiropractic Exercise for Lower Back Pain: Cat & Cow

Stretching your spine through simple exercises can help you naturally decompress your intervertebral discs. This will help to relieve back pain and will help your nervous system work the way that it is supposed to. Cat and cow is a yoga sequence that opens up your spine and comfortably stretches it. It is a simple exercise that you can do right when you get up in the morning or when you go to sleep at night. These poses help to relieve tension in your spine and helps you regulate your breathing. This pose also helps to strengthen your abdominals and obliques which will help you maintain your proper posture.

Chiropractic Exercise: Cat & Cow Sequence

Follow these basic instructions to do the Cat & Cow sequence and relieve your lower back pain:


  • Get on your hands and knees down on the floor. Keep your shoulders directly over your hands and your hips directly over your knees. Once you are comfortable in this position, relax your head even with your flat back so your eyes are focused softly on the ground directly below you.
  • Push your spine up, allowing your back to round. Tuck your pelvis under and suck your stomach in, like it’s scooped out or pressed against the inside of your spine. Push your shoulders toward your pelvis. You should be able to feel a nice stretch all the way down your back.
  • Hold this pose for as long as you feel comfortable. Try to hold it for at least 15-30 seconds. Pay attention to your breathing. Make sure that it is steady and slow.
  • Return to a neutral spine position with a flat back while you are still on all fours. From this neutral position, you are then going to transition into the cow pose.
  • Cow

  • Bring your head up so that you are looking up slightly. You should not be pulling your head back.
  • Push your belly towards the floor while you are pressing your buttocks toward the ceiling and arching your back.
  • Again, hold this position for as long as you feel comfortable, or at least 15-30 seconds. Keep paying attention to your breath. You should be taking deep, full breaths at a constant pace.
  • It should be fairly easy to transition through these two poses. You should try to do each pose at least 5 times. Be sure to really stretch your spine while it is in each position. If it is painful at any time, stop stretching and allow your back to relax. This pose is designed to help you rehabilitate your back and help your back move comfortably.

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    Your body can be treated holistically through chiropractic care and physiotherapy exercises. Doing simple things such as stretches and exercises can make a big difference in your life. Your chiropractor can walk you through basic exercises that you can do on your own. These exercises are designed to help you relieve the pain that you deal with on a daily basis. We will also work with you to help you do the right exercises for your body. We will also recommend chiropractic treatments that will improve your overall health. If you are interested in seeing how chiropractic can help you achieve wellness, schedule a consultation with us.

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