How Physiotherapy Can Help Sciatica Pain

Back pain, especially sciatica pain, is some of the worst pain you can experience. If your back is out of commission, it likely affects just about all parts of your normal routine. Approximately 40% of people get sciatica at some point, but it’s often written off as regular back pain.

At Premier Health Chiropractic & Wellness in Dallas, Texas, Dr. H. Khayal and our team specialize in identifying the cause of your back pain and providing you with the best treatment possible.

We’re proud to offer physiotherapy among our chiropractic care and pain management options. 

An overview of sciatica pain

Sciatica refers to the pain you feel as a result of damage or irritation to your sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body. Your sciatic nerve starts in your lower back and then branches off through your hips, buttocks, and legs. 

If this nerve becomes pinched, typically by a herniated disc or bone spur in your spine, you likely experience significant pain. This pain usually radiates from your lower back into your buttock and leg. Your discomfort can range from a mild ache to sharp, burning pain.

Living with sciatica pain even for a short period of time can sideline you from daily life; leaving it untreated can result in serious and sometimes permanent nerve damage. That’s why we offer only the best, most effective treatment for sciatica pain. 

Physiotherapy and sciatica pain

Physiotherapy isn’t a treatment in and of itself. It’s a combination of treatments focused on holistic healing and rehabilitation. We seek to treat your whole body and condition rather than simply addressing your symptoms. 

Physiotherapy combines exercise, massage, and other advanced techniques to address your sciatica pain. Here are a few of our most common physiotherapy treatments:

Spinal decompression

Spinal decompression uses nonsurgical intervention to relieve stress on your spine and surrounding nerves. We safely create negative pressure on the affected area of your nerve, which helps improve circulation and stimulate your body’s natural healing process. 

Cold laser therapy

Perhaps one of our most advanced treatments, cold laser therapy is a noninvasive option for treating your sciatica pain. During your cold laser therapy session, a hand-held device is placed over the affected area and delivers medical-grade lasers into the deepest layers of your tissues.

The lasers cause vibrations on a molecular level, prompting your body to begin the healing and recovery process. 

Electric muscle stimulation

We aim to treat your pain as conservatively as possible, and that’s why we include electrical muscle stimulation as a part of physiotherapy treatment. This is a safe, painless, and effective way to address the source of your sciatica pain.

With electric muscle stimulation, we place electrodes on the surface of your skin. These electrodes deliver electrical pulses into your body that can reduce swelling, relieve pain, and help your sciatic nerve heal. 

Therapeutic ultrasound

You might think ultrasound is just for looking at a baby in the womb, but it’s also an effective treatment for painful conditions like sciatica. The ultrasound device uses high-frequency sound waves to penetrate your tissue and get to the source of your pain. 

During ultrasound therapy, you feel a warm, relaxing sensation, but below the surface, the high-frequency sound waves are breaking down unhealthy tissue buildup, improving blood flow, relaxing muscles, and accelerating the healing process. 

Other benefits of physiotherapy

If you’re looking to find lasting relief from pain without surgery or prescription medication, our physiotherapy treatments may be right for you. These natural and holistic treatments promise faster healing and long-term wellness for sciatica pain and all sorts of other conditions. 

Your sciatica pain doesn’t have to result in dependence on medication or surgery. Dr. Khayal can properly diagnose your back pain and give you the natural treatment you need to find lasting relief. 

If you’d like more information or would like to get started with a consultation, call our office today.

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